About Me

Are you a master in your field? Want to share your expertise online?

It starts with the spark of inspiration… you have something unique to teach. My team designs multimedia materials and strategies for your online audience. We create videos and podcasts, or train you to create your own.

We serve business coaches, First Nations elders, university professors, environmental educators, and small business owners. Our projects include award-winning documentaries, online learning materials, teacher professional development curricula, podcasts, and Facebook videos.


We believe in a world where wisdom finds its audience easily, through digital media.

What do you want to share?


Resume/Filmography | Media Alley “Where do we Start?”

“It is my pleasure to voice support and praise for anything that Katie works with. Her wisdom, her artistic eyes make her  choices a joy to see and hear.”

-Vi Hilbert, PhD, Coast Salish linguist and National Treasure