How we work

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

We develop multi- media approaches that target centers of the brain closely linked with survival, emotion and decision-making.

Our team draws on media psychology and decades of experience to create your outreach plan.


Step 1: Tell your story

What’s missing from your story? What opportunity can you seize through targeted communications work? Together, we’ll craft a new vision and open a new path.  

Step 2: Make a change

As a leader, you have many balls to juggle. Media Alley brings deep expertise with internal and external communications, so you can focus elsewhere.

Step 3: Build team capacity

It’s critical to tell a consistent story. Our team building and storytelling workshops get everyone on the same page.


We met with Katie and asked her to assist us with answering a very broad question, “How do we use audio and video to promote our work?”  She took us through a simple yet profound planning process that allowed us to get clear about what our next steps could be.  Katie has an extensive background in multimedia, wide range of professional connections, desire for the highest quality plus a big heart that deeply connected with our work.  Call her today!

-David Emerald Womeldorff and Donna Zajonc; Creators of the Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)